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Thanks for your consideration!!

My name is Melissa. I am participating in WalkNow, which is a 5k walk to raise funds to find a cure and effective treatments for autism. I am the team captain for my team in Atlanta, Georgia. My brother has Asperger's Syndrome. Also, if you have a cause you need funds for, let me know and I may help you out!

This is from their website:
"WALK NOW is a 5K (3.1 mile) family walk and autism community resource fair heightening public awareness and raising money to fund autism research. The resource fair includes educational resources, therapists, schools, recreational organizations and creative child-friendly activities. Proceeds from WALK NOW support Cure Autism Now’s mission to find the causes, effective treatments, prevention and a cure for autism. Over the course of 2005, nationwide WALK NOW events will raise approximately $5 million."

Any and all donations are GREATLY appreciated! Even $1.00 can make a difference. We have 4 team members so far and are working on forming our team.
To see more about WalkNow or to make a donation go here:

I am also a member of the Atlanta Cleanup which is a volunteer organization a friend and I started which works to improve the city. Participating in WalkNow is our first event. Our second even is in July and we are going downtown to pickup trash. I'm not asking for donations for this group, I'm just trying to spread the word. You can see our page here:

Again, those links are:
For the Atlanta Cleanup group:
For WalkNow:
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