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Know of any volunteer opportunities in the NYC area? Please share.

Hi, I'm Joanie. I currently co-compile the learning section of Nonsense NYC, and starting this week I'll be compiling the help section, too.

Taken right from the list:

"Ever taken part in an old-fashioned barn raising? We never have, but
we think it would be kind of cool-all those neighbors in funny hats
and overalls coming together to pound nails, stand up walls and raise
the collective roof. In that spirit, we look for one-day volunteer
opportunities with no long-term commitments required. Our goal is to
help groups or individuals that serve the greater good in small but
significant ways, avoiding mega-nonprofits and people just looking
for free labor. Know of any existing opportunities? Looking for ways
to help out? Or need volunteers to get your own community project off
the ground? Send us your requests."

In short, if you know of someone or something needing short-term volunteers, send me an e-mail @ joanie at joanieandbill dot com.


x-posted to various groups; I apologize if you see this more than once.
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