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Please help support SAVE!! It is a good cause!

If you volunteer for any non-profit organization, or simply believe in the important work they do to make our communities the best they can be, please vote for SAVE, Support American Volunteer Efforts, at

SAVE is a bill in Congress that would give a tax credit up to $2,000 per year to any American who volunteers for a non-profit organization, earned at the rate of the number of hours volunteered multiplied by minimum wage.

As you may know, many people who regularly volunteer are being forced take a second job instead to make ends meet. As a result, non-profit organizations are finding it increasingly difficult to find and keep volunteers. SAVE not only rewards volunteers for their contributions and thus increases volunteerism, but also helps provide sustainable funding to non-profits since volunteers are 2.5 times more likely to donate to the non-profit organizations they support.

SAVE also provides a great contrast to the tax benefits that are currently being pushed through Congress. For example, as few as 8,200 families would reap the majority of the benefits from the repeal of the Estate Tax currently being considered by Congress. The cost of the repeal of the Estate Tax in 2007 alone is greater than any other budget items in President Bush’s 2007 budget, including his stated priorities of Homeland Security, the War in Iraq and Education. As a contrast, for less money, SAVE would benefit the 89 million Americans who volunteer their time, hearts, energy and resources each week to fight our fires, care for our elderly, teach our children, preserve our environment and help out at our hospitals, schools, churches, animal shelters and much more!

Please vote for SAVE at to show Congress that America supports volunteer efforts!
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