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Writer's Block: I'm The Boss

If you had the resources to start your own business, what would it be?

I would develope a Chosen Content Transfer internet service.


Chosen content sharing tool


There are only two opportunities to handle useful information we meet. These are marking useful information and sharing with others for effective use.  I suggest providing effective support for useful information handling by creating new tool policy for shared information.


Full Description

Actually blogs already have collections that gather information from users. So the question is how to extract and accumulate useful information from those public sources?


Actually everybody already does accumulate information for the personal use from public sources. The new choice is opportunity to share information of common use with others by clear and effective tool.


I suggest development of marked content processing tool publishing chosen information to the server for operative handling and setting category, structural marks and rating by the authorised members of service.


This can be done by using popular and flexible tools like Browser Plug-In and Google Notebook to cache marked content and to post it to the server. Thus syndicated information becomes available to operate it by tags with structure, category and rating processed by authorised members and users of syndicated service.


The result is streaming set of useful information like RSS feeds ready for shell execution and feedback processing. Finally we may receive a reliable tool to handle spreading information concerning our usual life and needs. This is live access to share useful opportunities and information among users.



List of Benefits

This is a new kind of flexible and effective tool policy providing effective processing of useful information based on the existing Google capabilities.


Potentially this content forwarding service can be easily combined with instant messaging, mailing and publishing services or even substitute them, sometimes totally.


This is a flexible, simple and powerful information handler method.


There is no similar informational service.



List of Problems/Issues

There is also known http://orfo.dklab.ru orthographical content forwarding service using page script posting marked content to the server with mean of resending it to the page owner by email.


бесплатный счетчик посещений
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